Do you have sexy shapely legs or know someone that does?

We are looking for women over 18 that have: large calves, strong quads or overall athletic looking legs. Previous modeling experience is not required but is a plus.

There is no nudity involved; however, sexy skimpy outfits will be worn to show off your legs. We shoot in a pinup style. Here's a link to some sample photos:

Along with photography, we also shoot video which involves basic activities that show off your legs. For example, posing, walking, standing, and crossing your legs. You can view videos on our website at:

We pay very well and even cover transportation and lodging costs if we hire you. We are located in the Los Angeles area.

We provide you with wardrobe and make up the day of the shoot.

We also offer a $200 dollar reward to anybody that refers us to a model that we end up using.

If interested please send us an email through the Contact page. All serious inquiries will be answered.