Introducing our new section featuring guest photographers from around the world and their work capturing the sexy shapely legs. If you are a interested in being a guest photographer for Legsultra please email us through the Contact page.


Daniela slow plays her sexy, stunning stems in black, strappy heels. She shows off the fine curves of her finely formed, thick calves and tight thighs as the camera zooms in closely to capture her gams.

Video: 6 Minutes



Alena shows off her incredibly fit and sculpted legs in fluorescent yellow heels. Her legs are slick and oily as she poses them for the camera. The lighting captures all the different curves and definition in her super muscular gams as she sits, stands, paces, and stretches her beautiful stems.

Video: 10 Minutes

Daniela & Alena show off their incredibly oiled and sculpted legs in tall, thin heels. They start off with their calves facing the camera as the manuever slowly, crossing and rubbing each other's stems. They pace across each other's paths and continue to caress legs.

Video: 10 Minutes



Daniela wears white cutoff shorts and white ballerina slip-ons to show off her beautiful calves and magnificently structured quads. She starts off by kicking out her legs, showing off their definition, then she massages her calves and pushes them against her body to bulge them out.

Video: 5 Minutes


Alena Cristine & Amanda show off their beautiful legs up in this video from guest photographer, Diamond Calves. The two girls begin by lotioning up their legs in their black heels. Then they take their shoes off, lay on the ground and stretch out their limbs, flaunting their most beautifully sculpted gams.

Video: 5 Minutes


Elena is smoking hot in her bustier and black panties as Max records her on video. She stands tall in her black stilettos and has her back turned to the camera, showing off all the definition in her calves and thighs and her tight ass as she paces back and forth. Then, she gets on the floor as the camera pans up and down her long silky legs.

Video: 7 Minutes



Elena's premiere video is some of the most exciting leg footage ever! Elena's dance background is apparent in every elegant movement she makes. Her sexy body is looks amazing in her shot form fitting dress as she walks and poses. Her calves flex and bulge with ever leg bend. She poses sitting down, crossing her legs then plays and massages her magnificent calves!

Video: 10 minutes



Elena shows off her sexy dancer body in see thru lingerie. One outfit is a lacey form fitting body suit and the other is a red pull-over. She poses sexy in high heels as well as ballet shoes.

Photos: 52



Elena models her incredible shapely legs in a variety of outfits and lighting styles. The high contrast lighting is great to show off the contours of her tone calves and thighs. She wears a tight short dress and heels better than anybody!

Photos: 100



Elena is back again with a studio set where she is in ballerina shoes. She stands on her tippy toes and poses for the camera, showing off her extremely fit, tanned legs and modelesque stature.

Photos: 103



Elena is another model photographed by Max Boner. Elena is a leg man's dream come true. She has some of the sexiest legs ever: long, tan, with massive calves that would make Popeye jealous!

Photos: 82


Anastacia is a model found by guest photographer Max Boner. Max is a leg connoisseur from the Ukraine that will likely shoot more content for us in the future. Anastacia is from the Republic of Moldova. She poses her large strong calves in colorful heels in the park. Then goes bare foot in the wilderness and lets the sun show off the well defined contours of her muscular legs!

Photos: 110