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Sakura and Annabelle leisurely read together while they exhibit their super shapely legs. They cross their legs and push their calves against the couch to make them bulge. They lay across the sofa and change their leg positioning every so often. They rub their legs together as they continue to read and pay no attention to the ogling camera.

Video: 11 Minutes
Photos: 91


Ariel poses in a variety of interesting positions that make her legs and ass look amazing! She sticks her ass out, stretches her legs out in the air, does leg-scissor excercises, walks in place, does the splits on the floor and much more! She put some body oil on before this scene so her legs have sexy shine to them!

Video: 14 Minutes
Photos: 103


Lux shows off her long legs and round butt. She struts around, bends over sticking her ass out and eyes the camera. She sits down and crosses her legs, flexes her legs, rubs her legs together and plays with her legs. She sexily exercises and stretches her legs open and closed.

Video: 12 Minutes
Photos: 110


Randy gets very intimate with you in bed and teases with her awesome body. She starts off strutting into frame and does some hot posing standing up. Then she gets on the bed where she flexes and maneuvers her legs in a variety of sexy positions. She stretches her legs out straight and points her feet. She lies on her stomach and shakes her great ass!

Video: 17 Minutes
Photos: 96


Roxi and Michelle are at work. They wear power suits on top but very little on the bottom half. They cross their legs as they discuss business matters. They touch each other's legs flirtatiously and tangle their legs together. They take a coffee break and feed each other pastries as the camera gets a voyeur lower view of their legs.

Video: 10 Minutes
Photos: 50


Staisja wears some tight shorts and heels that shows off her ass and legs. She demonstrates her sexy posing skills then takes off her shoes and wets her legs in the shower while standing on her tippy toes. She moves so gracefully and it almost looks like a dance at times.

Video: 9 Minutes
Photos: 95


It's a really hot day so Jade and Dia suck on some popsicles together. They rub their cold treats up and down their legs, then rub their legs together. They lick their legs clean and kiss each other. They give themselves wedgies to display their great asses.

Video: 9 Minutes
Photos: 41

Sakura wears tight shorts and works her legs out with high heels! She stretches out those sexy legs and flexes out her calves for your viewing pleasure! When she uses the elliptical machine it's hypnotizing to see her legs in motion!

Video: 8 Minutes
Photos: 54

Mischa and Andrea wear really short striped dresses and high heels. They pose sexy and stretch out their legs and rub their bare curvy legs together. Then they take their shoes off and play footsies on the ground. Very sexy leg play!

Video: 17 Minutes
Photos: 83


Annabelle looks stunning in her super short, red sequin dress with some the steepest high heels ever. She sticks her amazing butt out and shows off her legs in a variety of positions.

Video: 7 Minutes
Photos: 43

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Note: Older videos are rotated offline and can be purchased individually from the Radrotica site