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Ariel and Lux appreciate each other's legs and feet. They sensually caress and massage each other's legs. They intertwine their legs as they giggle and flirt with each other. They take off their shoes and play footsies. So much sexy leg-on-leg action in this set!

Video: 14 minutes
Photos: 36


Danni is an aerial acrobat with shapely calves, perfectly arched feet and a nice round ass. Her acrobatic style is apparent with her dynamic leg movements and dramatic poses. She crosses her legs and makes her calves bulge. She does a variety of sexy leg formations in the air. Her ass looks extremely hot in her jean booty shorts.

Video: 15 minutes
Photos: 90


Randy wears a striped dress so short it looks like a shirt. The natural lighting really shows off her beautiful tone leg contours. She poses like a pro displaying her amazing ass every chance she gets. She sexily crawls on the floor arches her back, and stretches out her long legs, moving them with seductive grace.

Video: 14 minutes
Photos: 102


Roxi models her great legs in a short leather skirt and heels. She poses on and around a directors chairs making sure she shows off her legs from all angles and positions. She bends over revealing her shear panties. She sits back and stretches out her long legs. She lies on the ground and sexily moves her legs about in the air.

Video: 10 minutes
Photos: 55


Michelle shows off her tone legs wearing white pumps and shorts. She paces back and forth, poses with her sexy swagger and flexes her legs in place. She climbs over the sofa seductively, sticks her ass out. and stretches her legs. Michelle displays her strong legs and athletic physique with alluring confidence.

Video: 7 minutes
Photos: 62


Alyssa is a gorgeous tan brunette with tone yet extremely curvaceous legs and ass. She shows off her sexy lower half by wearing a denim thong and steep wedges. The spot light that shines on her really shows her leg's muscle definition. She teases with her great ass bending over multiple times!

Video: 14 minutes
Photos: 80


Staisja is looking amazingly fine in her tight, form fitting, dress. She struts around, walking sexy in her high heels. She poses to perfection with every move she makes. She knows how to make her legs look incredible from every angle. She bends over and sticks her ass out. She crosses her legs and dangles her feet. She stretches her legs out and rubs them down. A must see for leg fans.

Video: 13 minutes
Photos: 111


Jade and Dia sensually touch each other's legs and rub their bodies together. They compare their bulging calves and lick their thighs. They pour their drinks on their legs then slide their wet gams up and down. They cross and intertwine their legs, giggling amusingly at super sex sight they are creating.

Video: 9 minutes
Photos: 55


Andrea moves her awesomely curvy body in ways that only she can. Her large amazing thighs change shape as she flexes and contorts her body. She walks, stretches, and poses in positions that seem to defy gravity. She lies on the counter and does the splits, some yoga and pushups with her ass sticking out. Best of all she does some extremely sexy, ass-gyrating dance moves!

Video: 15 Minutes
Photos: 100


Mischa walks up and down the stairs while the camera focuses on her curvy legs. While standing she stretches, kicks her legs around, points her feet, stands on her tippy toes and bends over. She lies on the couch and poses with her voluptuous gams some more. Her amazing calves flex and bulge with every sexy movement.

Video: 15 Minutes
Photos: 82

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Note: Older videos are rotated offline and can be purchased individually from the Radrotica site