Sexy Shapely Legs. Curvy calves, tone thighs, feminine feet, and beautiful round butts. Legsultra showcases hot, leggy girls in the skimpiest skirts, dresses, shorts, swimsuits, panties and high heels.
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Alena shows off her incredibly fit and sculpted legs in fluorescent yellow heels. Her legs are slick and oily as she poses them for the camera. The lighting captures all the different curves and definition in her super muscular gams as she sits, stands, paces, and stretches her beautiful stems.

Video: 10 Minutes


Mari poses in a baby-doll dress and tall black stilettos. All the intricate curves in her legs are exposed because she's in a skimpy black thong. She turns, twirls, and twists her legs, while standing, laying, and sitting down showing off their awesome strength and majesty.

Video: 21 Minutes
Photos: 113


Mia poses and prances in a jean thong and wedges. She skillfully teases the camera, flexing her muscular calves and thighs. Then she does a booty shaking dance in her thong, jiggling her perfect butt.

Photos: 77
Video: 14 Minutes


Annie Mae and Vivian know that you're watching them and you're enjoying watching their strong, muscular legs. They want you to know that you're not worthy of their magnificent stems and they flaunt it in front of your ogling eyes.

Video: 23 Minutes
Photos: 68



Mari is stunning in her cropped jean thong, tight tank top and matching white platform high heels. The thong shows off her immaculate stems and ass in the best way possible. She poses and flexes her muscular legs and stares longingly at the camera while she gently touches every line of definition in her calves. Then she walks up and down the stairs giving the camera an all angles look at the marvel that are Mari's legs.

Video: 20 Minutes
Photos: 45

Abby is looking spectacular in the white tank top and panties in the shower. She flaunts all of her beautiful assets in her heels and shakes her booty for the camera. She goes bare foot to flex her calves and give you a leg tease show.

Video: 20 Minutes
Photos: 54

Annie Mae & Vivian are titan of tight thighs and calves and they get together to compare the majesty that is their gams. The two ladies have a healthy competition with each other and they are obsessed with each other's legs. They compare muscular features of their legs and have a playful leg fight to see who the fittest girl is.

Video: 20 Minutes
Photos: 79

Mia & Milcah lavish tons of self-attention and praise on their amazingly sculpted gams dressed in matching outfits and tall platforms. They talk to each other about how beautiful and muscular their legs are and gently caress their stems slowly and sensuously for the cameras.

Photos: 69
Video: 17 Minutes


Ariel shows why she is the goddess of all things legs in her short black skirt, wedges, and crop top. She flexes her beautifully crafted legs in all the right ways to show off their curves and muscles. Then she hops into bed and uses her legs to seduce you.

Video: 18 Minutes
Photos: 50


Mari & Samantha show off their incredibly sculpted and muscular legs in short, skimpy bottoms and tall heel. These two ladies have amazingly thick legs that can crush anyone they come across. They know exactly how to flaunt them and flex them for maximum exposure.

Video: 19 Minutes
Photos: 55

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Note: Older videos are rotated offline and can be purchased individually from the Radrotica site


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