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Mia Li flaunts her magnificent body, tight ass, and perfectly chiseled legs in a short, grey dress and pumps. She stands and poses while pacing then takes off her heels and stretches out her limbs and bare feet for the camera.

Video: 18 Minutes
Photos: 77


Annie Mae and Vivian flaunt their giant, muscular calves in pretty dresses and heels. They flex, caress, and stretch out their sculpted limb. They sit and take off their shoes to massage their legs and feet.

Video: 22 Minutes
Photos: 45


Mia Li and Abby are smoking hot in their tiny black bikinis and matching black heels. These two hotties rub stems and butts in their barely there swimsuits. Then they take a seat and criss-cross legs as they pretzel them together.

Video: 18 Minutes
Photos: 42


Annie Mae is stunning in her striped dress and red heels She poses with her svelte legs in the kitchen, flaunting her extra-large calves and quads. She takes her shoes off, sits on the counter and plays with her stems.

Video: 20 Minutes
Photos: 81


Mia Li and Vivian show off their beautiful, bountiful legs in pink heels and short skirts. They dance around, shake their booties, then take a seat to criss-cross their gams, pushing out their bulging calves.

Video: 20 Minutes


Daniela slow plays her sexy, stunning stems in black, strappy heels. She shows off the fine curves of her finely formed, thick calves and tight thighs as the camera zooms in closely to capture her gams.

Video: 6 Minutes


Randy shows off her incredibly long, sexy stems in a short striped dress and blue heels. She is the goddess of gams for a reason. She poses longingly for the camera from all directions so her legs can be seen in all its glory.

Video: 18 Minutes
Photos: 69


Alena shows off her incredibly fit and sculpted legs in fluorescent yellow heels. Her legs are slick and oily as she poses them for the camera. The lighting captures all the different curves and definition in her super muscular gams as she sits, stands, paces, and stretches her beautiful stems.

Video: 10 Minutes


Mari poses in a baby-doll dress and tall black stilettos. All the intricate curves in her legs are exposed because she's in a skimpy black thong. She turns, twirls, and twists her legs, while standing, laying, and sitting down showing off their awesome strength and majesty.

Video: 21 Minutes
Photos: 113


Mia poses and prances in a jean thong and wedges. She skillfully teases the camera, flexing her muscular calves and thighs. Then she does a booty shaking dance in her thong, jiggling her perfect butt.

Photos: 77
Video: 14 Minutes

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